Monday, June 9, 2014

A review of Anthony Doerr's Incandescent novel All The Light We Cannot See

Incandescent! The most beautiful writing! Lovely book, beautiful story!  Anthony Doerr achieves that connection that is so important in great writing and literature. The characters connect with each other, even though they cannot see all that the reader can see.  Doerr also successfully builds a bridge between that time and this one, reminding us that these were people living their lives when this monstrous war barged into their lives, wreaking havoc and changing their plans and their lives.

I cannot recommend this book enough--Doerr is obviously at the top of his game: a genius storyteller, and an artist--painting the most gorgeous pictures with the words he chooses.  I wept through half this novel, not because it was sad (and it is sad), but because the writing is so perfect!

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